I’d like to call myself an old-school gamer, but the OSR types don’t want me either.

I’ve been gaming, on and off, since I was 9, in 1979. I started with the Holmes “blue book” version of D&D then, in my third grade classroom with a handful of friends and it quickly became my defining hobby.

GURPS came into our gaming circle later, of course, when the Second Edition came out in boxed set form. We were already old hands with point buy systems from a games of Champions, but GURPS became my go-to system then, and remains so to this day.

I took, oh, a decade and a half off from gaming, and I came back in by way of D&D, but just as quickly returned to the GURPS fold and have never looked back. New games come along and tempt me away for a while, but I always come back to the one that serves my needs best.


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